Humane Agrarian Centre

Manviya Shiksha Sansthan is a concrete example of a strong integration between farmers in a locality. We are an attractive and credible alternative farming center. We have recently diversified our activities by creating the Humane Agrarian Center. It is a center dedicated to the transmission of experiences accumulated by these farmers. It aims to provide alternatives and suggestions for the development of every man, family and society to live in balance with nature.logo

Our activities focus on three areas:

–       “Aavartansheel Kheti “, which provide a sustainable agriculture in balance with the nature. We want to show we are living in prosperity and inspire other to live in prosperity.

–       “Co- existentialism”, concept centered on the reflection on Human being.

–       “Agrarian Museum” reminds the agricultural history of mankind. We want to recognize the importance of farming through the ages and the importance of co -existence.


Through these components, the group aims to:

–       Provide support and encouragement broadcasts knowledge.

–       Inspire current and future generations to take responsibility and to create sustainable human environments in balance with nature.

–       Raise awareness about the impacts of conventional agriculture and modernization.

–       Learn, teach and share based on the principles of co- existentialism.


Two years after its creation, the Humane Agrarian Centre did regularly workshops for reflection and transfer of knowledge on agricultural techniques. Every year, the group organizes a five-day event with all lessons. The launch of the HAC is successful because they have received more than 5,000 visitors per year.

HAC team :


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